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Allow GPs to prescribe cannabis medicines to
their patients

Currently 1.8 million patients are buying cannabis on the illicit market

In late 2018, then Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP introduced new rules which enabled specialist medical practitioners - but not GPs - to be able to prescribe cannabis medicines.

This has resulted in around 1,000 patients annually receiving cannabis prescriptions on the NHS, and circa 20,000 patients each year obtaining private prescriptions.

However, there are 1.8 million people in the UK accessing the illicit cannabis market for medical reasons. This is partly due to GPs not being able to prescribe medical cannabis, and because those on low incomes or disability benefits struggle to afford private cannabis prescriptions.


We are calling for GPs to be allowed to prescribe cannabis medicines to their patients.

The Hard Truth


Patients obtain cannabis on the illicit market, for medical reasons


Value of the illicit cannabis market, which funds criminal gangs


Total number of patients legally accessing cannabis medicines

Protect our patients video

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Here’s How You Can Help

You can share details of our campaign, including the video, on your social channels using #ProtectourPatients

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